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Track Review: Maddie Ashman's "New Glasses"

Beyond the soft beat of Maddie Ashman's single, "New Glasses", past the sweeping call of the cello, and the ringing tones of her gentle voice lies the unwavering feeling that this song is a place you've visited in a dream. Were it just her dulcet tones or the familiar beat -- reminiscent of a racing heart -- it would be easy to listen to this tune a few times and move on. However, somewhere between the first and fifteenth play, it becomes apparent; This is not a "love it and leave it" song. Simple though they are, Maddie's lyrics transport the listener back to the days after first-loves, of making the eternally challenging decision to not "live in the past." While her "heart will not start beating for" the subject of "New Glasses", our hearts are certainly beating for this song.

Maddie Ashman's second single, "New Glasses" was released on November 29th, 2019.

About Maddie:

If you think you've seen Maddie play, but can't quite put your finger on where, you probably have. The young artist, a well-rounded instrumentalist, vocalist, and performer, has toured extensively through the UK and Europe alongside a number of artists. As she continues to flourish as a spellbinding songwriter, Maddie has proven through live performance and her recent releases that she is only hinting at what is yet to come.

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