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EP Review: Rainy Day Woman's "Home"

A new discovery for the FemFolk team, Rainy Day Woman's recent EP release, "Home" is the equivalent of waking up from a wet and weary February to the sun dancing on the walls of your room. It opens, gentle and tender, with the gentle plucking of strings, and ushers in a story told by lush voices. The title track, "Home, was written in response to the BAFTA winning and Academy Award nominated documentary film, "For Sama." The film, by Waad al-Kateab, follows the life of it's creator as she falls in love, gets married, and gives birth to Sama, all while cataclysmic conflict rises around her’ during the uprising the Aleppo. A testament to the phrase "less is more", "Home" is sparsely arranged, allowing any listener to explore the story and discover their own response, without being overwhelmed. This is not, however, a detriment to the piece, as the intermittent harmonies turn the melody for "Home" into a dance of two voices and two worlds. "I Don't Want to Die in the Storm" follows "Home" seamlessly, flowing from one tumultuous story into the next - a literal storm. Rainy Day Woman's voices come together in this pulsing traditional song, driving its desperate message home in the same way a torrential downpour might hammer against a window. An easy transition into the final track of the EP, "Shelter" which describes the startling lack of empathy with which refugees are often treated. Described by Rainy Day Woman as "a reflection on place, displacement and identity, with songs about storms and about shelter, as something given and received," this album is suited to a variety of listening experiences, whether driving along a highway in the rain, or as you wake, drinking coffee next to an open window. With a special emphasis on the musicality of the title track, "Home", Rainy Day Woman's trio of songs are warm and enveloping enough to warrant braving the cool March air for a listen in your garden, but firm enough in their lyrics to encourage listeners to be critical of their apathy. Available on Spotify or on Rainy Day Woman's Bandcamp, "Home" is available for streaming or download now.


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