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Our TheyFolk Manifesto

Our Manifesto is currently under construction. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the team via our Contact Page,

TheyFolk was founded out of a desire to build a music community that can be safe, welcoming, and accessible for all. We want to create regular music events, featuring gender-diverse lineups of artists, and available for streaming online, so that we can make attending live music an accessible possibility for those with current obstacles. 

Our priorities are as follows:

Safety - Every person should feel safe and protected amongst our community.

Accessibility - Every person should feel able to access our events and community without
having to ask for additional supports.

Respect - 

TheyFolk's Gender Policy

To put it simply, TheyFolk is for women, non-binary, trans, or intersex artists.

If the above terminology doesn't accurately describe you, and you are subject to gender based discrimination as a musician, please reach out to us. 

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