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We are TheyFolk

TheyFolk is an intersectional and inclusive platform and community to support women, non-binary, trans, or intersex musicians that are new or emerging in the Folk Arts. This includes singer-songwriters, spoken word poets, performance artists, writers, and more.

If you'd like to know a bit more about why TheyFolk exists and what we plan to achieve, take a look at our Manifesto below.

If you still have questions, or just want to reach out, please do so via the TheyFolk Contact page.

We can't wait to hear from you.


- Team TheyFolk


During the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, the TheyFolk team volunteered hundreds of hours to provide opportunities and support for artists across the UK and Canada. Now, following a decisive rebranding, TheyFolk is rebuilding to be run by a team of systemically oppressed individuals. 

Please consider donating to FutureFolk, our Parent Organisation and Community-funded enterprise. FutureFolk is working to provide a living wage and other physical, mental, and social supports to individuals from systemically oppressed populations.

Information on FutureFolk is available at the FutureFolk website: here. FutureFolk's Policies and Procedures determine TheyFolk's operations, prioritising FutureFolk's core values: Intersectional Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Accountability.

What we do

TheyFolk works with a community of volunteers and creatives that come together to support the artists we feature.

Depending on the needs of each artist, FemFolk has a few options for the type of support that can be offered. 


We love to organise events with supportive audiences, review releases of videos or tracks, or offer mentorship on a variety of topics.

TheyFolk also works in collaboration with a selection of individuals or groups for a variety of reasons, including in order to organise or promote events, or to create video interviews and live sessions for the artists promotional use.



"I feel honoured to have been asked to play a set at the Piano Factory in November. The space is cosy and relaxed and Ariana was a very welcoming host. It was lovely to meet and perform alongside two talented female folk artists, especially since an all female line up is still rare, and to have a friendly, attentive audience! I’m looking forward to going to another Piano Factory FemFolk night and seeing the community expand!"

Madeline Ashman / Singer-Songwriter / Instrumentalist


"I had a lovely time playing at the Piano Factory. It may have been the jet lag but my entire time in the flat felt like a scene from a trendy 1980's film. The aesthetic and lay out is perfect for cozy and interactive performances and the hosts were all so warm, inclusive, fun and down to earth. A definite highlight of my European tour. Thank you Piano Factory!"

Justine Vandergrift / Singer-Songwriter

FutureFolk is a new initiative from Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton, AB, Canada) built on ideals of intersectional inclusivity, a living wage, and building a sustainable future as a unified front.


FutureFolk’s first priority is to provide paid mentorship and growth opportunities/jobs to people who are subject to systemic forms of oppression. This includes, but is not limited to, people who are: women, trans, non-binary, intersex, Black, Indigenous, non-Black people of colour, Members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, Deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing, disabled, neuro-divergent, single parents, and more. We’re creating a more inclusive, accessible, trauma informed, and accountable world, facilitated through a practise of respect and appreciation for Indigenous values, fair wage employment, as well as green energy and living pursuits.

FutureFolk is the parent company of “TheyFolk”, and outlines the Policies and Procedures that we use to create and maintain a safe, intersectional, and inclusive space for our entire Community.

For more information, visit FutureFolk at the link below. 

Meet the Team

While TheyFolk works for the empowerment of women, trans, non-binary, and intersex artists, we work in collaboration with individuals from across the gender spectrum.

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